iPhone Screen Replacement Cost in the US [2024]

Top-notch smartphones, such as the iPhone, often come with a higher price tag due to their superior features and aesthetics. Additionally, the cost of maintaining these devices, including screen replacements, is also a contributing factor to their premium pricing.This article will shed light on the costs associated with iPhone screen replacement in the US [2024], with a special focus on iPhone 11 screen replacement and its associated cost.

Average Cost of iPhone Screen Replacement

The price of repairing your iPhone screen can vary depending on the model and extent of the damage. Generally, third-party repair shops charge between $80 and $130 for screen repairs. However, prices can be higher at official Apple repair centers, starting at $129 and going up to $329 for newer models like the iPhone XS Max.

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iPhone Screen Replacement at Apple Support

Apple offers screen repair and replacement services for different iPhone models. The cost of screen replacement from Apple varies depending on the specific model if you do not have an AppleCare+ subscription. Here is a list of popular iPhone models and their respective replacement costs:

The prices of the iPhone series are as follows: –

  • iPhone 13 Series: $229−$329
  • iPhone 12 Series: $229−$329
  • iPhone 11 Series: $199−$329
  • iPhone X Series: $199−$329
  • iPhone 8 Series: $149−$169

Those with AppleCare+ subscriptions can enjoy lower costs, as the per incident fees remain consistent regardless of the chosen service provider.

Self Service Repair Program

Apple offers a Self Service Repair program for iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE (3rd gen) models. This program allows users to fix their iPhones using Apple’s repair kit. By opting for this option, you could save between $34.60 and $50.60 compared to getting your phone fixed by Apple directly. Keep in mind that you’ll need to return your damaged screen to receive a $33.60 credit, so make sure to plan ahead.

Third-Party iPhone Screen Repair Services

If you need to replace your iPhone screen, consider using a third-party repair service. It’s usually cheaper than going to Apple directly, with prices ranging from 80 to 130. In addition to the screen replacement cost, you may also need to factor in labor costs of 50 to 100, depending on where you go for the repair.

iPhone 11 Screen Replacement Cost

Let’s talk about the iPhone 11, a pretty popular model. Ifixit’s Screen Fix Kits for iPhone 11 are around $100. Comparatively, getting the screen replaced at an Apple service center costs $199 and up in 2023, with the prices expected to stay the same in 2024. But if you go to a third-party service provider, it could cost you closer to $250.


If you’re an iPhone user, it’s important to know the potential costs of replacing your screen so you can make an informed choice when the time comes. Knowing the prices of Apple Support options, DIY repair programs, and third-party services will help you make a smart financial decision that keeps your device running smoothly for longer.

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