[2024 Updated] How to Program a GE Universal Remote

The General Electric (GE) Universal Remote is an essential tool for decluttering your living space by condensing multiple remotes into one. Simplifying your entertainment setup in 2024 requires understanding how to efficiently program your GE Universal Remote to sync with all your devices – be it your TV, DVD player, or Blu-ray system.

Getting Started: Understanding Your GE Universal Remote

Before diving into the programming process, familiarize yourself with the GE Universal Remote. Identifying buttons, understanding their functions, and knowing where the setup button is located are preliminary steps that lay the groundwork for a seamless programming experience.

Step 1: Prepare Your Devices for Programming

  • Power On: Ensure the device you are programming is turned on. This could mean your television, soundbar, or any other audio/video device.
  • Locate Codes: Find the programming codes for your devices. They can be found in the GE Universal Remote manual or online.

Step 2: Enter Setup Mode

  • Setup Button: Press and hold the setup button on your remote until the indicator light turns on, signalling that the remote is in programming mode.

Step 3: Code Entry

  • Manual Input: Using the numeric keypad on your remote, enter the device’s programming code. Upon successful entry, the indicator light will turn off.

Step 4: Testing Functionality

  • Function Testing: Test the remote by trying various functions, such as changing the channel or adjusting the volume, to ensure it’s properly programmed to your device.

Step 5: Repeat and Finalize

  • Additional Devices: If you have more devices to program, repeat the previous steps for each. Once all devices are programmed, you’ve successfully consolidated control to your GE Universal Remote.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even with straightforward programming instructions, you may encounter some hiccups. Here’s how to solve common issues:

  • Code Not Working: Try alternative codes from the manual or website.
  • Remote Not Responding: Ensure the batteries are correctly installed or replace them.


Programming your GE Universal Remote is a straightforward process that enhances your media consumption experience by reducing clutter and simplifying control. By following these detailed steps, you’re equipped to make the most out of your 2024 entertainment system setup.

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